As the university we cherish celebrates this milestone, the LSUS Foundation is celebrating 50 years of YOU, the community support behind this achievement. Because of you, LSUS has delivered to North Louisiana 50 years of access to an affordable, quality college degree AND the community at large has received the many benefits of having a four-year institute in our own backyard. 

To honor the university's commitment to our region, we are so appreciative that five very special donors have provided five new endowments for the 50th anniversary. Please look for that announcement honoring their generosity in October.

Additionally, the LSUS Foundation, in collaboration with the Noel Foundation, gifted the university a new garden for the entrance of the LSUS Administration building. Named after the late Joe B. Callaway, the longest serving LSUS Foundation Board member, every prospective and incoming student will walk through the gardens knowing they are making a life-changing decision to earn a degree from LSUS

NONE of this would be possible without community support, and for this we thank you.

Make a gift today to help us celebrate our local purple and gold!

There is no doubt the achievements being celebrated this year could not have happened without your support, and we are asking for you to join us again in marking this monumental year as a monumental year of community support. 

Please consider "Giving 5 for 50" today at the level best suited for you and send a message to our LSUS that we are celebrating with them!

YOUR support is providing major gifts to LSUS for this milestone!

Join us in celebrating this milestone for our local purple and gold!