Matching Dollars for your Gift...

For a limited time the LSUS Foundation is matching your gift to establish a new annual scholarship. We know that no other gift has the impact than that of one to scholarships. Now you have the opportunity to establish a scholarship for next year with a minimum donation of $500. We will match your gift to establish a $1,000 scholarship for next year with the name and area of your choice. This is a wonderful way to honor a special someone or even prmote your business. Most importantly, it is a gift that will change a person's life, their family and even our community.  Call 797-5257 for more information.

Support Specific Areas

You can also make a restricted gift to specific academic colleges, athletics, programs, and endow chairs, professorships and scholarships. Endowments qualify for matching dollars from the Louisiana Board of Regents. If you would like more information on any of these gifts, please contact us at 318-797-5257.

The Scholarship Fund

Economic reasons present many of our students with the greatest obstacle for earning their college degree. We know a college degree changes the trajectory of an individual's life; we know that a community comprised of educated citizens is stronger, and more vibrant. A gift to the LSUS scholarship fund is like tossing a stone into a stream, the ripples of impact start small and grow. 

A $1,000 annual gift, made in full or in installments, qualifies you as an LSUS Foundation member with all the associated benefits.

​​The Vision Fund

Through The Vision Fund, the Foundation's annual unrestricted giving program, you can designate your gift to LSUS' Greatest Needs, where it will be used for immediate needs such as merit scholarships; undergraduate research support and graduate fellowships; faculty research and admissions programs. These funds allow the university to have the resources to quickly respond to opportunities.