Help the LSUS Foundation celebrate the university we love!


Join us for a dinner under the crepe myrtles!

We are celebrating Fall with a few of our favorite things such as an outdoor dinner with a fantastic chef, the LSUS Bass Team  and a collection of rare books celebrating hunting and fishing.  

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The most widely recognized gains from earning a college degree are evident in the economic benefits individual graduates receive in terms of increased lifetime earnings; the LSUS Foundation calls this idea the $1 Million Dollar Secret. But, it isn't just individuals who benefit. Society as a whole is positively impacted. We know graduates pay more taxes on their higher salaries. They rely less on government social programs, are significantly less likely to be incarcerated, and are even more likely to be involved in civic activities, just to mention a few.  Knowing the gains from a degree and the fact that our own LSU in Shreveport is one of the most affordable institutions in the region is why the Foundation is committed to encouraging Shreveport-Bossier to significantly grow its number of college graduates. We all win when someone graduates! Help us turn the $1 Million Dollar Secret into common knowledge.

Spreading the $1 Million Dollar Secret